Blockchain is a whole lot more than just Bitcoin


Sadly, even today, election results are easy to manipulate.

Private databases

Keeping personal data confidential and away from the wrong hands has always been a problematic issue. Blockchain can also come in handy here, especially when we are talking about extra sensitive information, such as medical or psychiatric data. There is already one company called BurstiQ working on this type of solution.


There isn’t much artists can do to make sure they get the revenue they deserve for their creations — or is there? Think of a way to make certain information on a decentralised network is available regarding artwork, whether it’s music, video, images, etc. Mediachain is a company working towards making this vision a reality in the music industry. This way, broadcasters of content will know who needs to get paid for everything they air — and they won’t be able to avoid it (whether accidentally or on purpose).

Spotify is basically a synonym for music today.

Prevention of money laundering

This may sound odd because we know that blockchain and cryptocurrencies were once very popular for illegal payments such as ransom. However, this liability can become an asset since blockchain can also help set up a secure database of financial operators. This way, any transaction can be given a background check before it is finalized. Ocular from Los Angeles is already working on that.

On a more general scale…

Try to imagine what other effects blockchain can have on everyday life. For example, the whole process of authentication and documentation of ownership of assets can be simplified and secured. Instead of having a paper that indicates you own something that you can’t physically hold at all times (like real estate or rights), you can have a digital, decentralized token that symbolizes your legal and official ownership.

Blockchain is actually not that complicated to understand.



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