Can Now Offer Cryptocurrency Trading to Our Clients in the Middle East

3 min readFeb 15, 2023


ADGM building

With my team at, I am thrilled to announce that we have secured an in-principle approval to operate a cryptocurrency trading license in Abu Dhabi. I would say this milestone is a testament to the hard work we have put into maintaining a solid foundation and fostering trust with our clients over the past few years.

Also, while this is a significant accomplishment for our group at, it is not the first time we have received recognition from the Abu Dhabi Global Market. For the last three years, we have been focusing on expanding the brand’s reach in the MENA countries. So now, it is gratifying to see that our efforts are paying off, and obviously, we are committed to continuing this momentum in the future.

The road to achieving this license

Given the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, I have been collaborating with my team to launch’s crypto division in the Middle East for some time. We were eager to establish a central base within the ADGM jurisdiction that could serve as our base of operations for the Middle East and North Africa region.

Now, seeing the progress of in this competitive environment is a delightful development for my team and me. We are one of the first to acquire the legal infrastructure essential for a secure and better market experience. At this point, we are moving fast to achieve our goal of developing an all-inclusive trading platform, where we will extend versatile services in diverse global regions.

With this approval of the crypto license, our team has basically gained a seal of approval from one of the strictest regulatory authorities regarding our operational ethics and high business standards. I cannot emphasize enough how delighted we are with this giant step in our long-standing mission of being an industry leading broker. I can assure our clients that in the future, our focus will remain on consistently improving and upholding the high quality of our services.

A good time to get started with crypto trading

Thankfully, we have achieved this license at a critical juncture, with the crypto market declining for almost a year now. Now our clients can trade in this decentralized asset class at some of the lowest prices where several coins are at their 2 or 3 year-lowest point.

While cryptocurrency investment (like all investments) has its risks, now may be a suitable time to dabble with cryptos if you’re intrigued by this distinctive field. You can now diversify your portfolio by adding digital currencies.

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Our strategy at

I founded on four core pillars: security, regulation, reliability, and global presence. In my view, these are the most critical elements if you are targeting to establish an optimal trading service. Moreover, the working force at consists of talents originating from all regions of the world. I opted for this heterogeneity since I believe that people from different landscapes can bring more POVs to the process, developing a more advanced and reliable trading brand at the end of the day.

This progressive approach has already led us to positive results. It has helped our brand gain over nine licenses in diverse jurisdictions for different verticals and services, all in a small time frame.

Ultimately, we at wish to make the world of trading accessible to everyone. Combined with multiple-asset access and in-demand features, this recently secured cryptocurrency license signals the beginning of a new chapter for our trading service in the Middle East region.