— From Initial Idea to Global Start-Up

4 min readMay 25, 2022


These days, is known as a multi-asset trading platform operating worldwide, but like most businesses, it started small. Many people ask me how I turned from a new and unknown CFD trading platform into today’s global powerhouse. The answer is, on the one hand, somewhat complex, but on the other hand, quite simple. That’s because when thinking back, following my instincts and common sense made a great impact in establishing CAPEX. Allow me to break down what I did in order to give you a better clue about how establishing a CFD brand is done right.

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Add an X to your efforts

I believe that thinking big was a great booster for’s development. The story of this brand started in 2016. Of course, I had to decide upfront which market I wanted to approach, which directly impacted which regulatory body I turned to get my license. I felt that only approaching the European market wasn’t enough. That’s why after acquiring the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) license for businesses operating in Europe, I addressed many more leading regulatory bodies, supervising financial activities in other parts of the world.

Consistent learning is a factor that cannot be ignored. I truly believe that learning new things as a way of life directly correlates with mental growth. I always tried, and I still do, to learn from other entrepreneurs, other big companies, and even my competitors.

I always look for new opportunities and seize them before others utilize them first. This is how the X-branded products line came to life. “X” stands for innovation and revolutionary spirit, just like Elon Musk’s SpaceX program and the rest of his enterprises pushing humanity forward. With this innovative spirit, I brought into products like ThematiX, StoX, and QuantX, presenting people with a revolutionary way to invest.

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The only constant must be change

Nowadays, has a portfolio of trading instruments covering more than 2000 assets, but its hunger for more is far from being satisfied. Staying hungry is indeed essential for a company’s growth. My vision was for CAPEX to lead the world of CFD trading, so I asked myself: How can I further distinguish my brand from others? Added value was the answer that came to my mind.

The most logical way for my brand to have added value is education. Establishing a detailed and professional learning center requires serious effort. Therefore, not many brands put the resources and time into educating their customers on how to trade before they fund their accounts. I started several learning tools, such as the CAPEX Academy, online webinars with industry professionals, expert daily analysis, market insights, and many more. These props help investors to stay updated and well-trained when trading with Cepex WebTrader and MetaTrader 5.

Another key factor is variety. Nowadays, people can invest in assets that were once not considered affordable. This creates, of course, a desire among many investors to experience new assets and opportunities.

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With over a decade of experience in investments, I can confidently say that being open to change is essential. I recommend that you look around from time to time: What do people want? What do they need? Where is the world headed? Answering these questions may make it easier for you to understand when is the time to start implementing change. I advise you to keep an eye on the latest releases and trends. This is not just advice — I’m currently doing so myself — be sure I’m preparing some new and exciting new products for investors.

Future developments

2022 is an un-ordinary year, making investors’ needs and requests shift and vary. Therefore some adaptations and special measures ought to be implemented also in the financial world. That’s why I decided to add some new features and products to

  • Neo banking products
  • Direct Market Access instruments — delivering better prices, higher liquidity, faster execution, and more control of trades.
  • DeFi
  • Several blockchain-based services

With these products, investors will be able to enjoy all features currently available in CAPEX, alongside access to equity shares, ETFs, government bonds, and options from over 15 countries. I hope you are as excited about these major improvements for CAPEX’s traders as I am.




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