— From Initial Idea to Global Start-Up

Investing in CFDs
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Add an X to your efforts

I believe that thinking big was a great booster for’s development. The story of this brand started in 2016. Of course, I had to decide upfront which market I wanted to approach, which directly impacted which regulatory body I turned to get my license. I felt that only approaching the European market wasn’t enough. That’s why after acquiring the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) license for businesses operating in Europe, I addressed many more leading regulatory bodies, supervising financial activities in other parts of the world.

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The only constant must be change

Nowadays, has a portfolio of trading instruments covering more than 2000 assets, but its hunger for more is far from being satisfied. Staying hungry is indeed essential for a company’s growth. My vision was for CAPEX to lead the world of CFD trading, so I asked myself: How can I further distinguish my brand from others? Added value was the answer that came to my mind.

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Future developments

2022 is an un-ordinary year, making investors’ needs and requests shift and vary. Therefore some adaptations and special measures ought to be implemented also in the financial world. That’s why I decided to add some new features and products to

  • Neo banking products
  • Direct Market Access instruments — delivering better prices, higher liquidity, faster execution, and more control of trades.
  • DeFi
  • Several blockchain-based services



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