Raised $21 Million to Augment Services & Accelerate Growth — Here’s What We Plan to Do Next…

3 min readOct 6, 2022
Funding representation

Since the start of in 2016, my aim has always been to maintain an innovative online trading place where market players can experience advanced services and efficiently grasp their financial goals. As part of this commitment to grow and improve, I am proud to announce that has recently managed to raise around $21 million via venture capitalists and family offices. With this funding, my team aims to diversify the range of’s fintech services by introducing an exclusive investment platform and broadening the scale of our firm locations and workforce.

For the new entrants to the online trading sphere, I want to emphasize that is a multi-regulated worldwide fintech brand transforming how people approach online markets. It integrates top-level technology, 2100+ financial instruments, advanced trading platforms, sophisticated tools, and an exceptionally detailed Learn & Market news section to facilitate the activities of trading enthusiasts.

Expansion and growth — the core purposes of the funding round

Thanks to the legal help acquired from Kinstellar, we successfully gathered $21 million in funding from venture capitalists, Moore & Moore Investments, & Growth Box Ventures. What’s more, we initiated this funding drive by primarily keeping in mind the “growth and development prospects” of

Note that this financing round can notably help us to amplify the firm’s global operations, augment its standing in world markets, and attract several top professionals to our team. This multi-million-dollar financing also signifies that Eastern European start-ups are now acquiring the due attention of big investors, giving marked competition to the USA-UK-Israel-dominated online trading market.

Moreover, the world e-trading market is valued at over $8 billion, with a growth potential of 5% per year. This latest funding can strengthen’s standing among the leading brands in this fast-paced industry.

Launching a series of new fintech features

With the incoming capital, we have our eyes set on various new fintech features. One of those, our top priority, has already been released: ‘CAPEX Invest’ is a shared trading platform for retail traders, where they can access a broad spectrum of stocks from popular exchanges like NASDAQ and EURONEXT.

“CAPEX Invest” was launched in Europe under the CySEC license and will soon be available to customers in the MENA region under the ADGM license.

Further, we intend to direct these funds towards a crypto platform and neo-banking facilities. All the features will be amalgamated under a single and versatile 360-degrees-of-finance-service.


Plans to enhance global outreach and employee numbers

I firmly believe that a company’s growth is not solely fuelled by its product offerings and amount of capital, but rather depends on its geographical outreach and workforce strength. already holds four major operating licenses and exercises a presence in over 60% of the world, with offices in Romania, Cyprus, Spain, and Abu Dhabi. However, with this latest round, we plan to expand our base and launch branches in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and various South America and South-East Asia regions.

Regarding workforce development, we plan to step up our recruitment game, even though we have already progressed plenty with 400 employees now compared to last year’s 250. Thanks to the recent $21 million funding shot, one of our primary aims is to target workforce expansion, as is based on the spirit of employees.

My team & I are working relentlessly to take to the next level, wherein the funding that sources like Moore & Moore and Growth Box provide are the essential stimulus to help us achieve the ultimate goal. In a nutshell, we have a mission to continue introducing more services, features, and intuitive strategies into our fintech arena. This recent fundraising program is a significant step forward in this roadmap.