’s 2022 Highlights — A year of Progress and New Frontiers

3 min readFeb 19, 2023


As we step into a new year, I am quite overjoyed with the developments and advancements 2022 brought for

While I’ve dabbled in a variety of fintech ventures and opportunities over the years, is something special for me. What is now a global multinational company with hundreds of employees and offices in different countries, started as a budding firm when I set its foundation in 2018. Now it stands as my primary project whereby I have poured immense efforts, resources, previous knowledge, and dedication to bring it to its current level of success and excellence.

Let me share with you a glimpse of prominent developments from the previous year.

We raised $21 million in funding to propel the brand’s growth

Last year, we managed to successfully raise $21 million in funding from various venture capitalists and family offices. That was a huge achievement for me and my team personally, as our primary purpose for this funding round was to bring our brand to new heights. And we did just that by utilizing this capital to elevate’s fintech offerings.

We poured these resources into developing the then-upcoming CAPEX Invest platform, as well as a crypto platform and neo-banking facilities. Besides focusing on these fresh products, we also prioritized expanding our team. Thanks to the funding injection, we were able to nearly double our workforce from 250 employees in 2021 to 400 last year.

Ultimately, we were able to turn most of our ambitious plans into reality and brought many of our innovative ideas to fruition. No doubt that it was an indescribable feeling of achievement for our brand and team.

A highly anticipated financial arm, CAPEX Invest, was launched in Europe in September (amd soft-launched in the MENA region later on)

Shortly after the funding, we unveiled the brand’s latest offering — CAPEX Invest. Dubbed a “financial super-app” by our team, it offers a unique blend of share dealing and ETF investing services. This brings us closer to our ultimate goal: making a one-stop shop for all financial needs.

Our team worked diligently and with a relentless focus on this project for a substantial time. As we knew the significance of providing retail investors with a diversified investment solution, this drive pushed us to create something truly special.

Although it does not come under the umbrella of developments in 2022, I want to mention how we strived to promote CAPEX Invest throughout the previous year. We initiated a pre-launch promotion to generate buzz and awareness around the new product. This promotion was a tremendous success, where we offered the first 1000 traders to sign up a zero-commission benefit on all transactions for one month, followed by a big launch offering a free share to all new clients. It was an exciting time for us as we watched our new offering gain traction and attract a dedicated user base.

CAPEX Invest

In-Principal Approval of our crypto trading license in Abu Dhabi was another positive development

Near the end of 2022, we got the green light to start crypto trading operations in Abu Dhabi!

Securing an operational license for crypto trading from the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), one of the world’s most stringent regulators, was a massive feat for us. This license, added to our already impressive roster of 9 other approved licenses, positions us to rapidly expand our financial services in the MENA region.

Moving forward, our team is eager and ready to take on new challenges and opportunities in 2023. We are ready to strive for continued growth and success, pushing to new heights this year.