Fintech Will Never Be the Same Again
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  • Stox allows trading unleveraged products with no commissions.
  • ThematiX merges top companies into stock portfolios.
  • DMA (Direct Market Access) allows commission-free investing for all.

The story of is nowadays known as a world-leading reputed international broker, and the recent improvements I mentioned gave us another advantage over other brokers. It may be easy to forget, though, that also started as a small and unfamiliar company.

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Where we’re headed

The fintech and online trading world are ever-changing. The modern era has modified them a lot. The most significant shift it brought was democratization. This change benefits clients and users of financial instruments and also small businesses since they now can accomplish more with fewer resources. Democratization wouldn’t have been possible without Web 3.0, which unleashed the potential of low-code or no-code. The latter is expected to expand dramatically by the end of 2022, as are API connections and other factors.

Direct Market Access
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Spoiler alert

I prefer not to dive into great depth about our future developments since I believe a part of’s success is a product of a humble mindset. We are the kind of people who talk less but do more. However, just to give you a general idea of what we plan on doing, I’ll give you some spoilers: New products are on their way into, as are new and exciting markets. is expected to have more licenses, so clients will be able to use improved services. To conclude, is set to become a true one-stop shop for enthusiastic investors.



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