“Giving Back” — An Integral Part of My Philosophy

3 min readOct 12, 2022
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Success always materializes when the tangents of hard work and preparation meet with suitable opportunities. What I am today — an angel investor, an entrepreneur, and the founder of a multinational company — is the outcome of a laborious journey filled with efforts, determination, dreams, and planning. Now that I have come this far with over ten years of experience in developing companies with global scope, I am strongly dedicated to supporting this society by channeling my funds, knowledge, and skills to accelerate the growth of those in need.

My transition towards entrepreneurship and investing

While I initially started working on small IT projects, my first engagement with an online trading multinational company became a turning point for me. The innovative environment taught me the intricacies of global businesses and how businesses are developed. The financial trading industry captivated me, and I continued working in the same line, became the CEO of a company, and eventually strived to achieve my mission of “having my own company.” My enchantment with financial markets motivated me to set the foundation of a leading fintech side by side with investing in “real” value start-ups and working as an active trader.

As I adjusted to the entrepreneurship arena from the corporate world, I focused on my deep-rooted vision of assisting emerging businesses and teams via my expertise and not solely through capital. Based on this ambition, I am honored to have led many global companies to success by equipping them with intuitive technologies, competent procedures, well-planned decisions, and, most importantly, a skilled workforce.

Philanthropy is more than just donating money

Throughout my advancement on the entrepreneurship road, I have firmly held to the belief of “charity” and “giving back to the community.” Contrary to the “showing off” tendency prevalent in the employees, managers, and businessmen of Eastern European countries, I believe that the hallmark of genuinely successful entrepreneurs is the commitment to donate as per the “Giving Pledge.”

Most working people have gotten so caught up in the superficial societal trends that their only aim has become displaying their grandeur and luxuries. Instead of concentrating on truly worthwhile practices and activities, they are busy showing off their branded wearables and expensive lifestyle to get a sense of superiority. However, I consider that our real satisfaction as entrepreneurs is based on the “starve the ego, feed the soul” notion. As we become more and more successful in our areas of prowess, the consequent responsibility to “give back” and support the society that nurtured us should take top priority.

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A list of some platforms on the receiving end

Over the span of years, I have periodically dedicated not only money but also my time and efforts to support diverse causes. While I prefer to keep most of my donations anonymous, here is a brief overview of some of them to encourage entrepreneurs to consider this direction.

  • I facilitated the distribution and publication of “Portrete” magazine, which sheds light on the grim difficulties of children suffering from cancers, leukemia, and severe anemias, as well as advocates empathy and social responsibility.
  • I donated the Endoscopy Unit of Floreasca Hospital, as their working principles and unbiased & equality-based operating design greatly impressed me.
  • The dedication of “Asociatia Taxi Gratis” to transport doctors and medical staff free of charge between home and hospital amazed me. It pushed me to support them financially in their noble cause.
  • I have also individually helped some families undergoing tough financial conditions. Further, I acquired some responsibilities related to hospitalized children at the Oncological Institute in Bucharest. I offered all the financial support for their treatments abroad, bought essential medical equipment, and delivered monetary help to their families to ease their burdens.