How Taxi Gratis Is Helping to Build a Stronger Society

3 min readDec 21, 2022


A woman helping a senior person

As an entrepreneur, I have always believed and regularly discussed that it is crucial to “give back” to the society that enabled my growth and success. For this very reason, I am committed to several charitable works through financial donations and other means, to ultimately support the ones in need.

While I generally like to keep my donations anonymous, I specifically want to mention “Taxi Gratis” here to inspire other entrepreneurs to join me in this effort. Before I explain why I decided to contribute to Taxi Gratis, it would be better to look at this organization’s purpose and how it uses its resources and abilities to impact the world around us positively.

Taxi Gratis — assisting those most in need

With a motto of “To help is our main goal,” Taxi Gratis offers free transportation for disabled, blind, and needy people in Bucharest. Besides giving this free-of-charge commute between homes and hospitals, the platform also provides food to underprivileged and vulnerable people.

The working structure of Taxi Gratis is also straightforward. To use the service, individuals or their relatives who need help contact the association by phone. If the situation seems legitimate, the date, time, and place to meet, which can be a hospital or home, is decided. At the agreed-upon time, the person is picked up and transported to their destination by the Taxi Gratis’ car. Simple as that.

I personally appreciate this simple yet compelling mission, as it focuses on solving the problem of “transportation” faced by many disadvantaged people. It is commendable that Taxi Gratis works so hard to build and normalize a service that sounds like such a basic right for all people. Over time, the organization hopes to continue expanding this culture, making it a more widely available resource for those unable to manage independently.

A person filling a giveaway box with food items

Sometimes all it takes is one person, and that person is Alex Bobes

Bucharest-based entrepreneur Alex Bobes set the foundation of this project solely with his own resources almost nine years ago. I personally know the challenges he faced to create this service, as he is a primary collaborator of my fintech company, KeyWay Group.

Unfortunately, many years back, he struggled to find ways to take his seriously ill mother to the hospital, who has since passed away. He didn’t have a car at the time and didn’t have many resources, so he experienced first-hand how difficult it can be for those in need.

When he managed to improve his financial situation, he wanted to spare others the distress he faced. This commitment led him to launch the “Taxi Gratis”, and the rest is history.

How COVID-19 pushed me to become a part of this great cause

During the pandemic turbulence (around early 2020) Taxi Gratis extended its service to provide free transportation to medical professionals in Bucharest between home and medical facilities. At this point, I chose to donate and support this project to facilitate those in difficulty.

In addition to assisting with this particular project, I want to support many other local organizations working to bring about change for the better. These initiatives are essential and definitely deserve our help.

I am of the opinion that you must make a positive impact on society by assisting those who cannot make it on their own, even if you are only able to contribute the bare minimum. Know that your little effort can make a difference because every bit counts. Supporting your community can initiate positive relationships and foster a sense of fulfillment inside you. When you realize that you are playing a role in creating a more fair and inclusive society, this feeling lifts you up in every single aspect.