Startup to scale-up, step by step

Scaling vs growth

You might have heard the term ‘growth’ concerning businesses, but you must understand that growth and scale-up are different concepts. Startup growth means more clients, more employees, larger offices, and higher costs growing linearly — which doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with larger revenue. It happens a lot to SMEs: while expenses rise, profit might not or may even experience a downturn.

Expand your business
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Start with the basics

Before scaling up, you must make sure your business model has already been proven to work and applied successfully. Also, verify it has the potential to allow expansion in the future. If you can check both of these boxes, your business is ready to enter the scale-up stage.

More or less?

Your start-up’s staff determines the character of your business. Therefore, it’s super important to care about your employees and how they operate it.

Start-up employees
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A wide-angle observation

New businesses tend to make careless mistakes right from the beginning, creating unplanned obstacles or even leading to business failure. You can avoid making some or all of these mistakes with proper preparation, planning, monitoring, and strategic thinking. I mentioned deciding on a good business model, setting goals with deadlines, promoting employee welfare, outsourcing and automation. Yet that’s not all. I have some more important tips for you.

  • Don’t imitate business models from other start-ups. Even though taking inspiration is great, there are no two identical businesses therefore copying isn’t helpful.
  • Recruit only if you are certain new employees are needed for your business expansion.
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a business. Ask for help if needed.



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