The basics of establishing a brokerage firm

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First of all, it’s a business like any other

Before we dive in, you must ask yourself a few key questions:: What market are you addressing? Which needs do you wish to meet? Who are your competitors? What is unique about the services you offer?

  • Get funded — run a funding campaign or find a source for seed money.
  • Recruit and build the right team for your business — make sure you choose employees who are experts in the field.
  • Choose a regulatory body based on your profile to get an operating license (I’ll add more on this later).
  • Create the proper infrastructure for your business by selecting the right technology and liquidity providers.
  • Invest some money in marketing. Don’t skip this part, it’s essential. Without marketing, your brand will get lost among all the other brokerage brands out there.
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Retail vs. Institutional broker

A brokerage firm serves two types of clients: retail and institutional. You should know that addressing either of these is quite different due to their diverse needs. On the one hand, a retail investor is usually an individual who buys and sells securities through brokerage firms. On the other hand, an institutional investor is not a person but rather a body active in the financial world. For example, a money or trust manager, a private equity firm, a hedge fund, etc. This type of client has sufficient resources to entrust a brokerage company with enhanced authority, but on the other hand, they require attention — and a lot of it.

Choose your field of expertise

There is no getting around setting goals for your business. This way you can truly make important decisions about budget requirements, technical infrastructure capabilities, and other key issues. Furthermore, there is no better way of getting to know your advantages over similar brands.

  • High liquidity.
  • A wide variety of instruments.
  • The potential to maximize capital through leverage.
  • Accommodate multiple assets and market access.
  • Allow discounts for certain trading volumes.
  • Make sure your regulatory body is top-tier.
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Look to the long run

The world of financial markets is ever-changing and ever-evolving. For many, it might be difficult to indicate what’s about to happen in the brokerage world. However, I have some predictions that might interest you.



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