The Truth About Why Most Startups Fail

Smaller Startups Fail to Even Get Their Foot in the Door

teamwork as a key to success

Markets Are Rife with Competition, and This Is Terrible News for Newcomers

We have all heard it; competitive markets are always a good thing. Or are they? While this may be true for the consumer, it is certainly not the case for those of us who are a little more business-minded. Take this; the same study referenced in the previous section also cited a lack of market interest as the second most common reason why startups fail, coming in at 42%.

Startups are A Lot More Intricate Than Most People Think

Know the risks of setting up a startup


Before you throw away your dreams of launching your very own startup, there is a silver lining. Even though there is a seemingly inexhaustible list of factors that can go wrong when trying to realise a new business venture, there are also solutions to combat each and every hiccup you can imagine.



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