Why Giving Back Is an Integral Part of Entrepreneurial Life

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Entrepreneurs can do it better

The reason that ‘Giving Pledge’ succeeded in achieving its goals has much to do with the fact that acting for these purposes requires strengths that successful entrepreneurs already have:

  • It demands them to analyze a situation quickly and reliably, transforming it into strategies, courses of action, and real-time performance evaluation.
  • It frees them to turn choices into actions and translate abstract ideas into measurable goals in the medium and short term.
  • It allows efficient feedback and adaptability to changes in everyday situations.
  • It requires top negotiation skills. Of course, the more famous the contributors are, the easier it is for them to negotiate. Needless to say, those who are renowned for being successful businessmen and businesswomen probably had strong negotiation skills in the first place.
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Following the footsteps of Rockefeller

Not many of us indeed can contribute as much as Bill Gates. However, taking inspiration from other great contributors can encourage us to walk in their footsteps and do it according to our ability.

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Carry the beacon

I believe the entrepreneurial spirit can contribute to business and much more. I believe in pursuing a greater good. I think it’s the moral duty of every entrepreneur to return some of their benefits back to society, which mediates the attraction of those benefits in the first place. Having said that, can you imagine a better time to express your love for others than helping them in a crisis?



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